If you are looking to get into shape, one of the best things you can do is hop on an elliptical machine, as they are a great way to burn off a ton of calories. If you do not know what an elliptical machine is, it is a machine that simulates a running motion, except there is no impact on the ground, or onto a surface. The machine has handles that you hold on to with each hand and as you power the elliptical, the foot pads move in a cylindrical fashion. The calories that are burned while working on an elliptical are pretty similar to running, except there is a huge advantage of using an elliptical, due to the fact that the person is not impacting their knees at all, which is a huge concern for a lot of people. The low impact puts using an elliptical in the realms of swimming when it comes to a low amount of stress on the body, so if you are looking into losing some weight and want to find some options that are not going to put your body in any sort of risk, you should definitely get on an elliptical machine and at least try one out.

Just about every single gym out there has elliptical machines, as they are one of the most popular activities to participate in a gym, so if you are interested in trying one out, it may be a good idea to head to the gym and give it a whirl. If you do not have a gym membership, you can always get a free pass and try a gym out for a week or two, as just about every gym out there, in every single city, has these types of free trial memberships. Working out on the elliptical machine a few times will give you a pretty good idea as to whether it is something that you want to continue doing in the future. At this point, you can either decide that you want to join a gym and start working out on the machine a few times a week, or you might decide that you simply want to purchase your own elliptical machine and start working out at home. Either way, it is a great form of exercise and is a great way to get cardio in, without incurring any risk to the body.